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I’ll construct a blog tomorrow since today my day is loaded with objectives. I don’t upload Saturday and Sunday, so this is one exception. Thanks again for the support and much love my readers.

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The Black Knight Satellite

I was reading upon the shores of theories that wash up from time to time. Sometimes you find collateral that is ardently express and can’t help but be perceptively enticed. Ever heard of an obscured black solid “satellite” that enigmatically orbits earth. As eerie as this may sound, some people believe the satellite is of extra-terrestial origin and speaks volume of an insidious itinerary of extra-terrestrial efforts. The findings are enigmatic, however–statistically– the Black Knight satellite can very well be space junk, since space junk varies in size and is proven that this junk orbits the planets atmosphere. Here are a few of illustrations that I would like to present to you, check it out.

Hefty Bag satellite.png

Black Knight.jpg

Scrutinize this image of the satellite and inform me otherwise that this doesn’t look like a Black Hefty bag.Hefty bag.jpg


It appears to be a giant Hefty bag with half a car bumper inside. On a serious note however, It’s most likely a space blanket or thermal blanket, which ever variation. Thermal Blanket.jpgEssentially, These blankets are utilized for thermal control and other relevant thermal experiences. Spacecrafts utilize these blankets – so in contrast – the scale definitely leans more towards a spacecraft releasing this object into orbit – than a 13,000 year old satellite, with extraterrestrial origins that was hypothesis and ornamentally concocted via irrelevant sources. Just thought that I should hold up one finger, halt, and question the validity of this enticing theory. I call bulls**t and used wikipedia as a source; even if wikipedia is an unreliable source of information, formal argument will rebuttal any claims about the satellites origins, age, purpose, or even conspiracy theory. Unless experimentation has been conducted on the satellite and can prove these far fetched claims, than it’s inane to audaciously state otherwise.

P.S Maybe I shouldn’t be critical. After all, these speculations allow for camaraderie merriment. Since I’m an introvert and loner, I tend to question claims that deem suspicious – and in due course – insensitively spoil the glee of thrill seeking camaraderie or individuals. My sincere apologies if I spoil your hunger for artificial delectable dishes. Just stating and giving my two cent into the roller coster of this matter.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the blog today. Many thanks for your attention and sparing your time to read my spoiled thoughts into enticing conspiracies. Hopefully you can forgive me, for refuting certain claims on this theory of the Black Knight satellite. And thats all for today. I love you guys, and I’ll drop another blog tomorrow. Stay safe and much love.


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What is Art to me.

I’ve never really touched on the subject of art, since art has a complex network with subjected genres and sub-genres. Generally art, has forever immortalized it’s essence in the pragmatic instinct of humankind which is essential for daily communications, that has profound influences in the human psyche.

Art is absolutely essential to transmit ideas and other abstract content either for accomplishment, or to elicit human emotions. Let’s attempt to imagine a world without art. First off, this is infeasible since every constructed ornament, building, etcetera has aesthetically pleasing appearances. However, for the sakes of an interesting thought, lets’ allow ourselves to imagine such a world. Let’s begin, there would be no buildings with beautiful aesthetics such as Dubai. Imagine all these buildings were just long rectangles. The Khalifa tower, which is the tallest building in the photo, was just another rectangle, or even a triangle. how artistically bland would that be. This city radiates accomplishment. Surely something as a huge triangle can bore anyone to death. Dubai City.jpg

Not throwing shade to anyone who is settled in Amman. But I would be lying if I said that this site is aesthetically pleasing. Of course, I’m just influentially subjected to think so. Still, the reason for the simplicities has to do with the ventilation, and affordability, according to the person who answered the question on Quora.

Buidlings With no art.jpeg

The point is, this is just one example of many illustrations that can showcase an artistically tedious facade of aesthetics. This is just my opinion, nothing more. I also believe that these bland aesthetics have a profound effect on the human spirit.

It’s has been empirically and scientifically stated that colors effect the psyches in subjected variations. For instance, blue is a hue that evokes a serene mindset. White evokes tranquility or a peaceful ambience. These are cultural based ideologies or human subjection of course. Every culture or human around the globe has it’s own reverence and beliefs attached to their desired colors. For instance, in some Asian countries, white signifies death or bad luck, or other superstitions. Nonetheless, color palettes in combination with forms of art, can evoke desired emotions from art enthusiasts or even individuals such as myself.  This instance of a meticulous depiction of food, is intended to evoke experiences of food consumption and the feelings produced during that moment. Aesthetics!Food Photography.jpg

This is a minuscule rundown of my thoughts on what art is to me. I essentially believe that art is innately instilled into our wiring for accomplishment purposes, as well as influencing our behavior.  Ill share some art experiences in my next blog. Stay tuned for that. I want to highly appreciate, my readers in keeping up with my blogs. Sometimes my thoughts evoke a doubtful mindset, since I know my literacy isn’t the best; However, I still want to thank the readers for attempting to decrypt my incoherent thoughts. Stay tuned for next times blog. and until then, be safe, I love you guys, and Ill hear from you soon.


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I Know I’m Not The Best Writer

I know my thoughts are incoherent at times, my forte is not writing. Though I have always wanted to write. I just want to thank those what have been coming to the site. I witness that some of you are actually coming. Not sure if you guys are reading them. But if you’re just visiting, I highly appreciate the gesture. Thanks again, much love and Ill see you guys later. And remember say no to sodas and candy, their like drugs for your teeth.

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I Want to Discuss Conspiracies

I want to discuss conspiracy theories. I was watching a video today about conspiracies that manifested from the clandestine corridors of political, and intelligent organizations. Disclosing and describing the blueprints of the proven conspiracies paralyzes me, shifting my paradigm in the process, and completely nullifying my daily ignorance. I’m fully aware that there’s a devil within us all, however, to expose the intrinsic facade of repugnance that this abstract concept substantiates, creates a friction in the growth of social trust and mental prowess. Inconceivably, I’m typing still wanting to believe that the present is not harboring any half completed conspiracies. But to anticipate that there is a conspiracy in action, is definitely the mind state to settle on. I wonder though, which one will it be? There’s been an overabundant of school shootings and terrorist acts. Figuratively, the stakes are high and to wage a bet on any of these events that some intelligent organization, or a political party or figure is manipulating the strings of terror, is guaranteed a ROI. I place a wager against the odds simply because it has happen subsequently, and my trust has diminished due to the constant reiteration of past American illicit experiences. Here are some examples:

Watergate Scandal

This scandal even at face value is such a patriot of shameful idiocies. Revulsion develops and evolves into an ineffable concept that makes me implode from just the facade of this scandal. Essentially, the President of the United States made efforts to retrieve private documents about his democratic opponent to gain an advantage over the presidential run. Maybe I was overcritical, but to cheat to achieve a second term, well I would be a hypocrite if I said it’s not right.

Operation Northwood

Operation Northwood would have been the catalyst for the war between Cuba and United States. Many thanks to the force that halted this recipe of calamity. Essentially, our friends over at the CIA would have participated in acts of terrorism against their own civilians, exacerbating the tension between Cuba and United States. Fortunately, John F. Kennedy rejected the operation, crumbling the obsolete foundation of this operation

These are just some examples of disclosed conspiracies that took place. However, the main point is, trust and mental prowess are diminished when deception plays a role to subject the masses into transcending the agenda of a conspiracy. I’m not a politician, I don’t understand why These events take place in such a manner, however, I remain neutral since I don’t know what it’s like to lead a mass. So until I serve as president, or have my own mass to lead, Ill suggest a solution. Thanks for reading. If you made it this far, Congrats, your the bestest most coolest person ever.


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