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Well it’s another walk on a familiar lane. And who better to guide you through this site than the biggest fan of introversion. Hello, introvert here, and allow me (Sonic) to shine some light upon this nightly lane and be-hold by the captivating wonders of this social behavior. Rudimentarily, introversion is a reticent individual that abstains from camaraderie and social enterprises. That’s not0 my definition. Speaking from tons of experience, introversion is undoubtedly a behavior that is misunderstood by many with regards to the repercussions and the social image of reticent behavior.

Misunderstanding, of individual definitions of introversion, by others is omnipresent. Ever had an indescribable thought and the gradual increase of frustration due to the  misunderstanding from the other person? This accurately describes my agitated emotional state from the misunderstanding from others. Which is why my tendency to abstain from social confrontation automatically shifts into gear. Constantly, when I was participating in V3 (which is a transformational workshop), I was told to converse with others, to engage anyone for experiential gain. Of course there is nothing wrong with declining engagement with others; However, I was perfectly capable as well as have an exceptional aptitude for social interaction (or so I like to think). Here’s where my doubt began to make frequent visits. At the beginning of the 3 day workshop, the group of 31 attendees, were sub-divided into 6 groups of 5. Each group had a meticulously tuned curriculum with objectives expanding from social engagements to open personal deep thought discussions. One particular objective required two groups, so of the 6 groups, we were accumulated into 2 groups. One group diverged and was knowingly settled into a separate room. After every element was structured properly, we began our tasks. One of the staff members came into the room, and asked us a problem about society. The group and I, were to embark in a path to a solution of the social problem. The staff member walks out the room and returns 5 minutes later, while we the group, discussed the solution. We halt and the staff asks us, have we came to a conclusion. We agree to the solution and raised our hands to notify the staff about the conclusion. However, the staff with an obvious response stated that we were not in agreement and walked out. We attempted several times finalize the agreement, and to no avail. Finally the exercise concluded and we never understood why we couldn’t even solve the first of the 10 social problems. Want the know why we couldn’t solve the first social problem? I promise you, it will shock you. Apparently, I and two others were the culprits responsible for the lack of agreement between the group. When everyone would raise their hands, I wouldn’t agree to the stated solution. Fundamentally, I didn’t raise my hand, so I didn’t agree and therefore we could never progress. After this great unveiling, the group began to construct prejudgments about my introverted nature. Since, I didn’t want to engage in these tasks. My fellow colleagues began to press issues about me being shy, insecure. They attempted to comfort me, when I didn’t even want any comfort. This workshop was 12 hours a day, for 3 days. That’s an overabundant of time During this time, I was told antithetical statements; instead of what I wanted to attain from the workshop, which was inspiration, and more confidence. Instead, I began to think what they had told me was true. It’s not like I had a choice, because the subconscious mind is very sensitive to information and pragmatically, being told the antithetical wasn’t constructing a firm, proactive personality. I remember, telling myself, they don’t understand. I choose not to participate, since I feel like theres no need for me to raise my hand. I help construct a solution, I don’t need to raise my hand to agree that this might work. It’s a solution, It couldn’t have been accomplished any faster without the energy we all invested in. Instead, criticized for the hand issue. Oh well, it may seem like a innocuous nuance, but insidious forces inhabit every abstract concept so be aware. Especially if others have placed prejudgements on who you could possibly be.

By the way, the company as well as my colleagues continued to press the issue about my introversion, and applied psychological tactics to persuade me into purchasing the advance course. The course was $600. Thanks to my rational thinking, and independence I declined the tempting offer. Imagine having more than 10 of your friends, and the whole 20 staff company attempting to persuade you, just one person against 30 people to purchase a lost investment. The tactics they would use. Wow, Im astonished really. V3 No longer operates, I speculate that maybe, their tactics were discovered, and rational people began to unveil the worth of the company. Anyways, let’s move on.

Everyone has this social image and idea of what an introvert represents. This is far from the truth I believe. Simply, introversion is an equivocal term. Like wikipedia, anyone can alter it’s definition, and many will adopt this definition as there own idea. It’s a mental heuristic, I guess some humans will do anything to attenuate time for self-gratification, but now I’m just subjectively firing the short-comings of some humans. Allow me to digress. Like I mentioned earlier, social images confine tolerance and prudence and obscures the true intentions of many introverts. Some introverts, are quiet, observant, while others are loud, and love the reaction of other social members.

So is there really such a thing as an introvert? If anything, I believe we are all ambiverts. Let’s eliminate ambivert, introvert, extrovert. Instead, Everyone has many similar traits, others posses more skill in certain aspects that work in junction with other less attributed skills. However, like I mentioned earlier, Everyone has their own interpretation. This is a free thinking blog, I encourage you to interpret and define. And with that I will leave you with this. Guys I hope you enjoyed this blogged, I work really hard to make these blogs, So if you take the time to read them, I really thank you for giving me your time and your chance. Thanks again, I love you guys, be safe, and Ill see you guys next blog.

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If there was any default behavior that I would have love to innately possess, it would be consistency. Few people innately possess consistency, and others through experience and conflict. I had to discipline myself to attain consistency, and yet, it’s far from an instinctual behavior. Although my observations are bred from empiricism, arguably, consistency is a disciplinary conduct that affects our progression in a versatile manner.

Ideally, consistency is applied in pursuit of our endeavors. Reiteration of any craft can be instinctually performed and precisely executed. For instance, Since the conception of blogging, this dominant tendency to utter advance vocabulary has manifested from the consistency of performance. The flow is executed nicely, and erroneous utterances have diminished due to consistency. Interesting right? Bare in mind, that I have invested tons of time into my word bank. Since my 10th grade year in high school, I have consistently practiced a new word daily. However, of course my word bank lied dormant for years, since articulation was inhibited due to my introversion. It’s crucial to remain consistent throughout any pursuit. In essence, This behavior can also adapt to many other daily objectives. Since the consistency of my blogging, I have remain consistent in many areas in my life. I produce more concept art pieces and produce a lot more music; and I can honestly say that for the first time, I really do feel like I will unlock many achievements. I’ve been elated and have consistently thought of ideas that extent my goals into distant roads. As long as I continue to construct the road ahead of me, theres no where I can settle.

Thanks again for being apart of the experience, Guys, seriously I love you guys, be safe, and stay consistent, It’s difficult to maintain a steady flow, but once you have momentum, continue to apply force. you’ll arrive at your destination in no time. Until next time I’ll see you later.



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“What’s up ladies and gentlemen” – how informal-formal writing – Nonetheless, What’s up ladies and gentlemen. Quality, I want to discuss it, because I uploaded a video yesterday. One subjective nuance that irritatingly delineated from the video, was the unpleasant quality. Truly a testament to my effort. Though abashed I want to state that “quality” is a key ingredient in my career as an artist. Lackluster is a plague of unfathomable repercussion; bear this in mind, No one will appreciate my efforts, low quality appeals as if I’m a charlatan, and most importantly I add no value to peoples lives. I want my barren personality to blossom into an expansive field of flowers with a beautiful sun, a lens flare, and a scenery with the breeze stroking the flowers, the horizon is aesthetically ineffable. Tranquil and aesthetically pleasing is a tiny fraction of the description, I would say. But I digress, as monotonous and nondescript as I am, I can still express emotional sense in many variants of art. It’s just the effort of plugging quality into the equation. I don’t want other artist to look up to me, rather, I want to distribute great ideas, so then other’s who are brighter than myself, shine through darker areas and unveil horizons that transcend the current limit.  however, If my production doesn’t consist of quality, then I can’t progress, since my work doesn’t inspire me to continue breaking limits. It’s about me first, than the others, polishing my work before proceeding with any other objectives is priority.


This is my drawing, it’s a bit lackluster; fragments of articulation are deficiently expressed via color, body proportions, and clothing. Subjectively, the concept piece communicates rushed.Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 7.41.16 PM.png

it resembles early Dragon Ball Super quality


I mean come on, even Goku’s face is saying “Dafuq”?

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 7.50.54 PM.png

To conclude my concerns, to communicate “quality” effectively, it needs to be executed well, polish subjective flaws, and align the art piece with your personal vision. Then you’re voice will echo through the clutter of abysmal content that inhabits every virtual platform of our world.

An epilogue for my guests:

Much appreciation for your support, it means the world to me, that everyone of you guys read my blogs. I’m elated to find that, there are people that actually acknowledge my thoughts. Thank you guys so much!! seriously. . .  Well, that’s it for today, Much love to all my peeps, stay safe, say no to drugs, and I’ll see you guys next time!!!


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How I Began Drawing

Greetings once again, I hope all of you guys are doing well. I’ll elaborate on my experiences as an artist in this blog, since I stated that I would be typing up this blog, so let’s begin.

My interest in art began to manifest one day in high school, in 9th grade. I was deplorably bored in english class while viewing a couple pages in a magazine for time sakes. One particular page caught my sight, and my viewing pleasure evolved indulgently. As I marveled at the art pieces, my shifting paradigm began to develop a mental gymnastic known as, daydreaming. Daydreaming became my favorite activity, even competing against masturbation. In sequence, daydreaming would progress into drawing, and in due course conquer almost every sense of my perception. Finally after the revolution, drawing became the dictator of my drive and pragmatically every action was subjected to it’s essence. Every thought I conceived of was an amalgam of artistic insight and daily tasks. Recently, while completing domestic work, I became intrigued in a caricature that I had picked up from the floor. I began to scrutinize the figure and conceptualized a cartoon portrayal of a dragon. This figure below, is a conception of the dragon that manifested from the toy caricature. IMG_0543.JPGInteresting right? That’s the amalgam of domestic work and artistry. However, back in high-school, my awareness was infrequently available. Imagine applying artistic insight in every act you engage in. The conception of cartoon portrayals and graffiti pieces were overabundantly produced via daily tasks, that obscurity was casted over my prudence, and ultimately rendering my 9th, 10th, and 11th grade years a waste of academia. Every perceived idea or moment, was immediately commingle with artistry. The cravings of sketching override every stipulation I made with my counselor, which in due course, expelled me from traditional schooling and located me into a academic rehabilitation center where outbreaks of power hungry student primates fought for territories they didn’t even own. Academic objectives were futile. Teachers rarely taught any subject. Most teachers possessed the luxury of free time; however, two teachers out of ten, were constantly engaging in personal conversations over the phone with what I can only presume to be colleges or acquaintances. My unquenchable thirst for conceptual art began to diminished as I overviewed the domain of students with lackluster abilities. I felt that I had hit a low denominator in my life. My insufficient effectiveness to steer my life boat towards the motherland of success. What an abysmal, contemptible, disappointment I was to my name. Nonetheless, this center was the domain of ineffective students.

Very few students had purpose in that school. Very few were astute, intelligent free thinkers that were only attending school because of law abiding parents. Those were the individuals I was attracted to. As my artistic drive gradually diminished, my new camaraderie of friends, realized my potential and acted to challenge my skills. Sure enough, my skills proved to reiterate a lust of meticulous skills that would have me recognized by students in the academic rehabilitation center. Those were the days I felt a resonance of appreciation, constantly praise for a skill I loved. In contrast, the school’s methods for encouraging and inspiring were severe. In retrospect, there was this one moment where ( I’m not racist at all ) I meticulously drew a Hitler duck in pencil. It was compelling in it’s own respect, and many students where gunning to steal it. Of course, someone stole the bit of art and the culprit responsible never faced condemnation for his/her actions. However, it didn’t matter to me, the thought of someone stealing the art piece just sat well with me, since I knew it would be appreciated. Maybe appreciated for the wrong reason, but at least value the artwork in some sense, since art is perceived differently with every viewer. Fast-forward a couple years, and art has solidified it’s nature into my psyche. I try to sketch something emotionally relevant everyday, but other endeavors tend to squeeze into my schedule sometimes. I love to sketch, I love to approach the abstract, and visually construct it into intricate lines. One think is for sure. With the history, and everything I’ve been through with this skill. I never want to abandon my skill to draw.

I hope you guys enjoyed my story. Retrospect and analyze your history endeavor you pursued, and remember those moments of how you felt despondent, hopeless, or even anxious. Tell me a little about it in the comments if you can. And with that, I will leave you guys to yourself. I love you guys, be safe, and I’ll see you next time.


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Missed My Deadline

Sincere apologies my friends, my inadequate discipline was a bit costly on my reputation. I felt such shame to incapably produce a blog before the required deadline. Though this incident was detrimental to my mindset, I’ve adjusted, bend the rules and attenuated my blog to fittingly quench my desire for fulfillment. Of course, my sense of proactivity was in full effect today, for instance, this illustration of myself kicking ass, should suffice to represent the productiveness of todays efforts.

IMG_0575.JPG  This digitally caricature’s purpose was to transcend my conceptual skills as an concept artist, as well as to train my instinct to sketch body parts, since my methods are lacking in that respect. I feel a sense of accomplishment for producing a blog, even after the deadline. Better late than never, agree?

That’s all for tonight, again, my apologies, tomorrow is regular schedule, deadline is 3 o’clock. And yea, that concludes the blog. Love you guys, take care!!!


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Staying Consistent

A number of months has elapse, and still very little progress has been developed. Constantly remembering the approach to your dream goal, experiencing and reliving the moment via imagination. Than, comparing that moment with the present results, not much has developed, and feelings of despondence and despair breach the moment. Why is this the case, if you have painstakingly worked on your dream goal, work ethic is unparalleled in contrast to anyone. Ever consider thinking about the consistency of your work ethic? This lesson served me for 1 week, and I’m not looking back. I learned, consistency is the variable in a formula that grooms the development of anyone’s growth; yet, it’s the most difficult variable to admit to oneself’s when one is not applying it in their lives.

Consistency is crucial and determines your status in growth, as well as your well-being. Development cannot be measure immediately; rather, the gradual development is inconceivably diminutive. In fact, so incomprehensibly gradual, this is the top reason for the relinquishment of most endeavors. In contrast, consistency can be measured and is salubrious towards a developing company, such as yourself. Strategize and execute daily consistent goals, then calibrate a system and determine whether your daily intended acts need improvement. For instance, I will type a blog every day about my concerns and opinions about any interesting, deserving topic. I will begin at 10 o’clock and submit my blog at 3 o’clock. Utilizing urgency to create tension in any endeavor, project, or task will aid your efforts. At least, it’s what I heard. I personally don’t utilize urgency for psychological reasons, but this topic deserves it’s own blog. Lastly, judge whether you performed exceptionally or not. That’s a rudimental structure for development, of course, recalibrate this system and utilize the features in-conjunction with your vision, if you like. Trust me, performing this task is energy consuming. However, once you sow the seeds of labor and carefully cultivate them. There is no reason to clash personally with internal regrets or doubts. Though, this method filters thought provokers, one can overwhelm you and the consequences can be dire.

Admitting a lack of consistency is difficult since most times, you don’t know what you don’t know. As difficult as it may be, Many times, challengers attempt great efforts to pursue a career path that aligns with their interest. However, challengers will spends months or even years with minimal progress developed. The lack of understanding the “why” behind their endeavors, trails into a plain of disaster and confusion leaving most challengers abysmally exhausted, thus, relinquishing their drive. Most times, this “why” shape-shifts into lack of consistency.  However many times over, challengers cannot perceive the situation as a lack of consistency. I first began my endeavor to music composing, conception art, and vlogging 2 years ago. Two years have elapse, and a minuscule shred of development has resulted from my efforts. I barely progressed. I began experience despondence, and urgency. But from the confusion pool I was in, I could not comprehend why my labor bared such little fruit. I retrospected, and no opposing force could be diagnosed to determine my results. Frustrated, I relinquished my endeavors for one month, and began to partake in my route once more. Half way through the second month, the diagnosis had unveiled a formula with an absent component. Can you guess the missing component? DING DING DING. You guess it. Consistency was the missing component. It took me 2 months to realize this. A waste of time, yes, however, if I wouldn’t have learned this lesson, I would most likely continue playing games, and never realize my potential coexisting alongside doubt and regret.

Well, that pretty much settles this topic. Consistency is definitely important to determine and measure your daily goals, and progress. Realizing that consistency is missing from the formula, helps with picking up the pace. There are other components that I didn’t touch on. But Ill unveil and generalize these topics some other time.

I love you guys, take care!!!

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Today, my plans for proactivity were hindered due to my indiscipline. Infuriatingly, I arrived at my destination looking for a seat, since my choice of seat was no longer available. Upsetting as the situation was, I reflected back on all the times I was late and astonishingly, tardies are common throughout my chronology. In fact, if we sum up every tardy, the result is 2 weeks of hours. One week equals 168 hours. For engagement purposes, double 168 and that will be the amount of time I have lost. Of course I’m using hyperbole, but the main concept is that I was, and am, constantly late. Here’s an example: I was taking a drama class in college and everyone’s grade was an A, since that’s how all semesters begin. So obviously for the moment, I was a driven student with perpetual motives for greater endeavors. Any of you guys ever felt like that? It’s the beginning of the semester, it’s a fresh start. A chance to prove yourself in academics. Being a terrible student, I was that guy. At the beginning of every semester, I was that straight A student. But only for the first month. Then over time, my grades become the average A B C. One day, I came late and it was only 1 minute late, JUST 1 MINUTE LATE! Then 1 minute late became 2 minutes late, then 4, then I realized I had lost my punctuality and struggled to even balance my time, constantly struggling to even make it to the 5 minute tardy mark. It had gotten really bad, to the point where I was arriving atan unbearable 8 minutes late. Three quarters of the semester in, my professor notifies me that I have 8 tardies and that if I continue this, world record breaking pattern, I will be dropped from the class and take an automatic F. I had this class 2 days of the week, 8 tardies equals four weeks, four weeks of progressive tardiness. Let’s estimate and add these numbers.

Day 1 = 1 minute

Day 2 = 2 minutes

Day 3 = 4 minutes

Day 4 = 4 minutes

Day 5 = 6 minutes

Day 6 = 8 minutes

Day 7 = 8 minutes

Day 8 = 8 minutes

= 41 minutes in total.

There was even a day where I came in 15 minutes late, and even transcended 8 days of tardies, but for the sake of simplicity, Ill estimate 8 days with 8 minutes.

The point is, as innocuous as 1 minute may seem. This 1 minute was insidious to my mental prowess as it significantly diminished my proactive mindset. The life handle teetered out of control, and I was barely able to balanced my time and methods. My time, my proactive rhythm, were profoundly affected and it shouldn’t be a shock that all my grades degraded in some way. Some were affected greatly for lack of performance and others, not so much. Punctuality can either curve your drive, or propel you towards achievement, and in my case, it curved my trajection. That semester alone I had accumulated about 20 tardies, that’s including other classes as well. Thats a estimated guess, the number can very well be beyond 20. Nevertheless, this has been an uninspiring recurring theme throughout my career as a student. This malpractice follows me in every endeavor I challenge. It’s like a Pikachu that follows Ash, but Ash doesn’t want it to. And this scumbag Pikachu constantly uses Thundershock to stop Ash from pursuing his dreams of being a Pokemon master. Strange simile and analogy, wouldn’t you agree?  Now, I finally want to abolish this practice, as this has served to derail my train of thought, plundered me into stress, even dispense the fuel of my drive. I have thought of some solutions. Also, if you have any methods as to outwitting punctuality, share it in the comments below. Address the title of the blog as well so I know the topic you’re referring to. During this time, I’ve only thought of 4 ways to be punctual.

1. Actually Plan Your Day

Usually, when I make a daily plan, I tend to follow it. I invite you to try this out yourself. Every time the path is clear, it’s easy for me take on my objectives, and focus on the end results.

2. Say the word focus

Ever read that book “Your One Word” by Evan Carmichael?, Me either, however, he has highly suggested to pick a word that truly resonates and aligns with your endeavors. For instance, Steve Job’s word is innovate, doesn’t take a blogger with a incommodious  sarcastic sense of humor like me to see that Jobs was a great innovator of our time. I say the word “Focus”, every time I’m not focusing on my task. It works for me, try it out for yourself, and let me know in the comment section below about your experience or about your word.

3. Instinctual Focus

Instinctual Focus is what I call it. I have not mastered this one myself. But somehow taking initiative to instinctually be on time, is definitely worth bargaining for. This instinct can be achieved through various means, most commonly through constant reapplication. However, other more complicated perplexing methods can achieve this enigmatic focus. This is absolutely different from urgency, which is a source that your focus and motive uses to act on dead lines and scarce time. Instinctual Focus deserves it’s own blog, because of the complexity and enigmatic nature of this concept, so expect that blog soon.

4. Urgency

Finally, we don’t know how much time we have, but finding a reason, usually a scarce reason, as to being on time can definitely aid in your discipline. For instance, having my favorite seat taken is a perfect scarce reason as to being on time. Though maintaining a balance is an absolute for the fact that urgency aids the growth of your amygdala, which is responsible for regulating fear. Just that statement alone is enough to scare me. I can feel my amygdala growing. Haha.


And that’s it for now. If you guys enjoyed reading this blog, leave a comment below and let me know, what I could do to be a better blogger. Share your experience, I would love to know. Thanks for joining me on this breakdown. I love you guys, and take care for the day. See you tomorrow.

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Blogging Every Day

Blogging everyday has been a thought that echoes through every canal in my mind. Nights are difficult to sleep since this voice, in my mind, constantly yells out “blog everyday”. Blogging is an endeavor that I have wanted to pursue. However, procrastination is quite charming and very persuasive. I’m reluctant to accept that sometimes, procrastination has trespass through restricted territory. As you can see, I haven’t blogged everyday, so procrastination lingers thought the depths of my mind. But this has gone on long enough, and I have realized that Procrastination is beginning to settle in my daily practices. While everything I was doing was slowing down, time was speeding up. I don’t want to propel my life using autopilot, since this instinctual feature allows for only limited progress; I decided that Procrastination will no longer reside within my daily practices, and will be given permission to compel me only when achievement has been obtained, and our principles align. I’ve stated my thoughts virtually, and publish the work. I can now procrastinate to my hearts content. Just kidding, no theres so much more work to be completed.

Thanks for reading.



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I Just Want to be Myself

I want to learn as much as I can. Sure right now as I type this blog, I haven’t a clue as to what I’m doing. I would estimate that my writing skills are that of a 3rd grader. No clue on what prepositions, coordinating conjunctions, and any grammar related rules are. Bare with me. But a moment ago, precisely 2 minutes prior to writing this sentence. I was captivated by the income these bloggers were producing. Check it out!

Bloggers and Income

Gizmodo – $325,000 Per Month

Perez Hilton – $575,000 Per Month

CopyBloggers – $1,000,000 Per Month

These figures are all according to a Forbes’s article. If you would love to learn more about these bloggers, Click on the link below. It’s an article from Forbes.



Back to What I was Saying

Anybody who see’s figures like those, will have dollar signs for eyes and attempt to blog for this purpose. For the record, thats not why I started blogging, I started blogging, for the sake of communicating with my audience, and have a chill place for viewers, creators, and anybody with a sense of growth. I didn’t even know you could make money from blogging until I began researching via tutorials. In every tutorial it was about establishing and monetizing your blogging site. Anyways, before this train derails, I had dollar signs in my eyes and began to rub my palms to each other, and began scheming.

What to Write About.

I began to ask myself, “What kind of service, or niche can I write about?” I was thinking, maybe technology, or even science. Then I wandered into the financial territory of blogging. I began to imagine myself financially stable, big house, a lovely, gorgeous girlfriend.

I Lost Myself

Almost immediately, I began to break a sweat. I knew, this plan was set up to fail because I began content marketing for myself and others to enjoy a place of security, relaxation, and growth. I didn’t want anyone else to run this blog with me. And for a site to find the similar success as like CopyBloggers, a team is needed. I don’t want a team, I just want to run it on my own. I not working for an extraordinary paycheck. I just want to help others with lost efforts towards their purpose. I’ve been there, and I know what it feels like to be indecisive about your purpose. Also, I want to run my blogs independently for the sole purpose of preserving my true character online.

I Found Myself Again

So with this thought in mind, I remembered why I started my website. Thank Heavens I remembered, because money, vices, and wild thinking can easily distracted anyone from their true goals, even me. Moral, Stay true to yourself, and work with who you are. Besides, an extraordinary blogger requires articles with exceptional grammar, and writing skills. You know what, allow me to compare myself to an actual extraordinary blogger.

Me – skills uv a 3rd greater writer

CopyBloggers – Team of god tier exceptional writers, with achievements and capabilities beyond the relatable human.

You know what………

you’re right……….

I don’t see the difference.


Thanks everyone for reading my thoughts, I guess now you can say you can read minds!!!. NO?! . lolIMG_0415.PNG