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My Plan For my Career

Greetings to you all. I’m elated to make public certain words that I want to undertake. Well their just theories for now.

One of my thoughts that strongly echos is socialization. I know these are generalities, but of course, undertaking a very specific objective doesn’t always go according to plan. Socializing is a key element to the success formula. And well I haven’t done any socializing over the past 2 years. As inconceivable as anti-socializing for 2 years may sound, it’s true. However, I want to change that. I definitely want to socialize, and create bonds with almost anyone whose proactive on their career paths. Their motives will be contagious, and definitely spike my momentum.

Second element of the structure, consistency. I’ve talked about consistency in an earlier blog, but the summarize consistency, Progressively producing product. Anything can be a product that may induce emotions or even facilitate daily tasks. I produce about two aesthetically well drawn art pieces and music, every week. I believe that the results can be better, but I am human, so absolute consistency is impossible.

Next, on the tier list is execution. Execution of your product has to induce emotion, in more broader terms, add value to a persons life. I want my art to help inspire other peoples lives. It doesn’t just have to inspire them in art, but in other aspects of live. I want to paint a beautiful landscape and I want the viewer to induce a thought of traveling to a similar landscape, because it will help them feel what they felt when they saw the painting.

Lastly Marketing is the most crucial. Without marketing, Your practically withdrawn from the social activities. Therefore inspiration is safely locked away while progression is hindered. Both compliments are crucial for social progress. Think about the abundance of people that need value in their lives. You can be that conduit that pours enlightenment for the unquenched individual that constantly browses for a purpose.

Those are the valuables variables that I have proactively experienced, and with application, I know I will progressively reach a destination, where fantasy has transcended even the human imagination. That’s where discovery lies.

Thanks again for listening to another one of my blogs. If you were intrigued and this added value to your life, Please consider following me on instagram where I post all my projects, my daily acts. I love you guys, Continue reaching further heights, cause we just don’t know what challenges lie in the next level. How clichè.

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