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My Plan For my Career

Greetings to you all. I’m elated to make public certain words that I want to undertake. Well their just theories for now.

One of my thoughts that strongly echos is socialization. I know these are generalities, but of course, undertaking a very specific objective doesn’t always go according to plan. Socializing is a key element to the success formula. And well I haven’t done any socializing over the past 2 years. As inconceivable as anti-socializing for 2 years may sound, it’s true. However, I want to change that. I definitely want to socialize, and create bonds with almost anyone whose proactive on their career paths. Their motives will be contagious, and definitely spike my momentum.

Second element of the structure, consistency. I’ve talked about consistency in an earlier blog, but the summarize consistency, Progressively producing product. Anything can be a product that may induce emotions or even facilitate daily tasks. I produce about two aesthetically well drawn art pieces and music, every week. I believe that the results can be better, but I am human, so absolute consistency is impossible.

Next, on the tier list is execution. Execution of your product has to induce emotion, in more broader terms, add value to a persons life. I want my art to help inspire other peoples lives. It doesn’t just have to inspire them in art, but in other aspects of live. I want to paint a beautiful landscape and I want the viewer to induce a thought of traveling to a similar landscape, because it will help them feel what they felt when they saw the painting.

Lastly Marketing is the most crucial. Without marketing, Your practically withdrawn from the social activities. Therefore inspiration is safely locked away while progression is hindered. Both compliments are crucial for social progress. Think about the abundance of people that need value in their lives. You can be that conduit that pours enlightenment for the unquenched individual that constantly browses for a purpose.

Those are the valuables variables that I have proactively experienced, and with application, I know I will progressively reach a destination, where fantasy has transcended even the human imagination. That’s where discovery lies.

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Sonic Levels

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Well it’s another walk on a familiar lane. And who better to guide you through this site than the biggest fan of introversion. Hello, introvert here, and allow me (Sonic) to shine some light upon this nightly lane and be-hold by the captivating wonders of this social behavior. Rudimentarily, introversion is a reticent individual that abstains from camaraderie and social enterprises. That’s not0 my definition. Speaking from tons of experience, introversion is undoubtedly a behavior that is misunderstood by many with regards to the repercussions and the social image of reticent behavior.

Misunderstanding, of individual definitions of introversion, by others is omnipresent. Ever had an indescribable thought and the gradual increase of frustration due to the  misunderstanding from the other person? This accurately describes my agitated emotional state from the misunderstanding from others. Which is why my tendency to abstain from social confrontation automatically shifts into gear. Constantly, when I was participating in V3 (which is a transformational workshop), I was told to converse with others, to engage anyone for experiential gain. Of course there is nothing wrong with declining engagement with others; However, I was perfectly capable as well as have an exceptional aptitude for social interaction (or so I like to think). Here’s where my doubt began to make frequent visits. At the beginning of the 3 day workshop, the group of 31 attendees, were sub-divided into 6 groups of 5. Each group had a meticulously tuned curriculum with objectives expanding from social engagements to open personal deep thought discussions. One particular objective required two groups, so of the 6 groups, we were accumulated into 2 groups. One group diverged and was knowingly settled into a separate room. After every element was structured properly, we began our tasks. One of the staff members came into the room, and asked us a problem about society. The group and I, were to embark in a path to a solution of the social problem. The staff member walks out the room and returns 5 minutes later, while we the group, discussed the solution. We halt and the staff asks us, have we came to a conclusion. We agree to the solution and raised our hands to notify the staff about the conclusion. However, the staff with an obvious response stated that we were not in agreement and walked out. We attempted several times finalize the agreement, and to no avail. Finally the exercise concluded and we never understood why we couldn’t even solve the first of the 10 social problems. Want the know why we couldn’t solve the first social problem? I promise you, it will shock you. Apparently, I and two others were the culprits responsible for the lack of agreement between the group. When everyone would raise their hands, I wouldn’t agree to the stated solution. Fundamentally, I didn’t raise my hand, so I didn’t agree and therefore we could never progress. After this great unveiling, the group began to construct prejudgments about my introverted nature. Since, I didn’t want to engage in these tasks. My fellow colleagues began to press issues about me being shy, insecure. They attempted to comfort me, when I didn’t even want any comfort. This workshop was 12 hours a day, for 3 days. That’s an overabundant of time During this time, I was told antithetical statements; instead of what I wanted to attain from the workshop, which was inspiration, and more confidence. Instead, I began to think what they had told me was true. It’s not like I had a choice, because the subconscious mind is very sensitive to information and pragmatically, being told the antithetical wasn’t constructing a firm, proactive personality. I remember, telling myself, they don’t understand. I choose not to participate, since I feel like theres no need for me to raise my hand. I help construct a solution, I don’t need to raise my hand to agree that this might work. It’s a solution, It couldn’t have been accomplished any faster without the energy we all invested in. Instead, criticized for the hand issue. Oh well, it may seem like a innocuous nuance, but insidious forces inhabit every abstract concept so be aware. Especially if others have placed prejudgements on who you could possibly be.

By the way, the company as well as my colleagues continued to press the issue about my introversion, and applied psychological tactics to persuade me into purchasing the advance course. The course was $600. Thanks to my rational thinking, and independence I declined the tempting offer. Imagine having more than 10 of your friends, and the whole 20 staff company attempting to persuade you, just one person against 30 people to purchase a lost investment. The tactics they would use. Wow, Im astonished really. V3 No longer operates, I speculate that maybe, their tactics were discovered, and rational people began to unveil the worth of the company. Anyways, let’s move on.

Everyone has this social image and idea of what an introvert represents. This is far from the truth I believe. Simply, introversion is an equivocal term. Like wikipedia, anyone can alter it’s definition, and many will adopt this definition as there own idea. It’s a mental heuristic, I guess some humans will do anything to attenuate time for self-gratification, but now I’m just subjectively firing the short-comings of some humans. Allow me to digress. Like I mentioned earlier, social images confine tolerance and prudence and obscures the true intentions of many introverts. Some introverts, are quiet, observant, while others are loud, and love the reaction of other social members.

So is there really such a thing as an introvert? If anything, I believe we are all ambiverts. Let’s eliminate ambivert, introvert, extrovert. Instead, Everyone has many similar traits, others posses more skill in certain aspects that work in junction with other less attributed skills. However, like I mentioned earlier, Everyone has their own interpretation. This is a free thinking blog, I encourage you to interpret and define. And with that I will leave you with this. Guys I hope you enjoyed this blogged, I work really hard to make these blogs, So if you take the time to read them, I really thank you for giving me your time and your chance. Thanks again, I love you guys, be safe, and Ill see you guys next blog.

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