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If there was any default behavior that I would have love to innately possess, it would be consistency. Few people innately possess consistency, and others through experience and conflict. I had to discipline myself to attain consistency, and yet, it’s far from an instinctual behavior. Although my observations are bred from empiricism, arguably, consistency is a disciplinary conduct that affects our progression in a versatile manner.

Ideally, consistency is applied in pursuit of our endeavors. Reiteration of any craft can be instinctually performed and precisely executed. For instance, Since the conception of blogging, this dominant tendency to utter advance vocabulary has manifested from the consistency of performance. The flow is executed nicely, and erroneous utterances have diminished due to consistency. Interesting right? Bare in mind, that I have invested tons of time into my word bank. Since my 10th grade year in high school, I have consistently practiced a new word daily. However, of course my word bank lied dormant for years, since articulation was inhibited due to my introversion. It’s crucial to remain consistent throughout any pursuit. In essence, This behavior can also adapt to many other daily objectives. Since the consistency of my blogging, I have remain consistent in many areas in my life. I produce more concept art pieces and produce a lot more music; and I can honestly say that for the first time, I really do feel like I will unlock many achievements. I’ve been elated and have consistently thought of ideas that extent my goals into distant roads. As long as I continue to construct the road ahead of me, theres no where I can settle.

Thanks again for being apart of the experience, Guys, seriously I love you guys, be safe, and stay consistent, It’s difficult to maintain a steady flow, but once you have momentum, continue to apply force. you’ll arrive at your destination in no time. Until next time I’ll see you later.




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