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I’m Exhausted!!!

As I am typing this, I am extremely exhausted. I was working in construction all day. Holding a grinder for hours on end. The vibrations disrupt my nerves, since using a grinder grinds on stone which is densely solid. I feel at any moment, I will hit the bed and sleep for an entire Venus day. Venus has the longest day of any planet with a duration of 243 earth days; This is longer than its orbit!, IT’S ORBIT! with a duration of 224 earth days. Anyways, I am elated to find that I’m committed to blogging even when my mental gauge has nearly reached empty. I want to make a last effort, and this is it. My apologies, I cannot think of a topic to cover, the computer screen is indistinctly visible and my eyes continue to drop. It has taken me about forty minutes to write out this blog. Well, I’ll leave it at this. Once again my friends, I sincerely apologize for the unprepared blog. But I thought that maybe I should make my presents known even if it’s not a dedicated blog. Thanks again my friends for reading up. I’ll have a fresh idea tomorrow. Goodnight everyone, sweet dreams. Much love to you all.


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