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The Black Knight Satellite

I was reading upon the shores of theories that wash up from time to time. Sometimes you find collateral that is ardently express and can’t help but be perceptively enticed. Ever heard of an obscured black solid “satellite” that enigmatically orbits earth. As eerie as this may sound, some people believe the satellite is of extra-terrestial origin and speaks volume of an insidious itinerary of extra-terrestrial efforts. The findings are enigmatic, however–statistically– the Black Knight satellite can very well be space junk, since space junk varies in size and is proven that this junk orbits the planets atmosphere. Here are a few of illustrations that I would like to present to you, check it out.

Hefty Bag satellite.png

Black Knight.jpg

Scrutinize this image of the satellite and inform me otherwise that this doesn’t look like a Black Hefty bag.Hefty bag.jpg


It appears to be a giant Hefty bag with half a car bumper inside. On a serious note however, It’s most likely a space blanket or thermal blanket, which ever variation. Thermal Blanket.jpgEssentially, These blankets are utilized for thermal control and other relevant thermal experiences. Spacecrafts utilize these blankets – so in contrast – the scale definitely leans more towards a spacecraft releasing this object into orbit – than a 13,000 year old satellite, with extraterrestrial origins that was hypothesis and ornamentally concocted via irrelevant sources. Just thought that I should hold up one finger, halt, and question the validity of this enticing theory. I call bulls**t and used wikipedia as a source; even if wikipedia is an unreliable source of information, formal argument will rebuttal any claims about the satellites origins, age, purpose, or even conspiracy theory. Unless experimentation has been conducted on the satellite and can prove these far fetched claims, than it’s inane to audaciously state otherwise.

P.S Maybe I shouldn’t be critical. After all, these speculations allow for camaraderie merriment. Since I’m an introvert and loner, I tend to question claims that deem suspicious – and in due course – insensitively spoil the glee of thrill seeking camaraderie or individuals. My sincere apologies if I spoil your hunger for artificial delectable dishes. Just stating and giving my two cent into the roller coster of this matter.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the blog today. Many thanks for your attention and sparing your time to read my spoiled thoughts into enticing conspiracies. Hopefully you can forgive me, for refuting certain claims on this theory of the Black Knight satellite. And thats all for today. I love you guys, and I’ll drop another blog tomorrow. Stay safe and much love.


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