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What is Art to me.

I’ve never really touched on the subject of art, since art has a complex network with subjected genres and sub-genres. Generally art, has forever immortalized it’s essence in the pragmatic instinct of humankind which is essential for daily communications, that has profound influences in the human psyche.

Art is absolutely essential to transmit ideas and other abstract content either for accomplishment, or to elicit human emotions. Let’s attempt to imagine a world without art. First off, this is infeasible since every constructed ornament, building, etcetera has aesthetically pleasing appearances. However, for the sakes of an interesting thought, lets’ allow ourselves to imagine such a world. Let’s begin, there would be no buildings with beautiful aesthetics such as Dubai. Imagine all these buildings were just long rectangles. The Khalifa tower, which is the tallest building in the photo, was just another rectangle, or even a triangle. how artistically bland would that be. This city radiates accomplishment. Surely something as a huge triangle can bore anyone to death. Dubai City.jpg

Not throwing shade to anyone who is settled in Amman. But I would be lying if I said that this site is aesthetically pleasing. Of course, I’m just influentially subjected to think so. Still, the reason for the simplicities has to do with the ventilation, and affordability, according to the person who answered the question on Quora.

Buidlings With no art.jpeg

The point is, this is just one example of many illustrations that can showcase an artistically tedious facade of aesthetics. This is just my opinion, nothing more. I also believe that these bland aesthetics have a profound effect on the human spirit.

It’s has been empirically and scientifically stated that colors effect the psyches in subjected variations. For instance, blue is a hue that evokes a serene mindset. White evokes tranquility or a peaceful ambience. These are cultural based ideologies or human subjection of course. Every culture or human around the globe has it’s own reverence and beliefs attached to their desired colors. For instance, in some Asian countries, white signifies death or bad luck, or other superstitions. Nonetheless, color palettes in combination with forms of art, can evoke desired emotions from art enthusiasts or even individuals such as myself.  This instance of a meticulous depiction of food, is intended to evoke experiences of food consumption and the feelings produced during that moment. Aesthetics!Food Photography.jpg

This is a minuscule rundown of my thoughts on what art is to me. I essentially believe that art is innately instilled into our wiring for accomplishment purposes, as well as influencing our behavior.  Ill share some art experiences in my next blog. Stay tuned for that. I want to highly appreciate, my readers in keeping up with my blogs. Sometimes my thoughts evoke a doubtful mindset, since I know my literacy isn’t the best; However, I still want to thank the readers for attempting to decrypt my incoherent thoughts. Stay tuned for next times blog. and until then, be safe, I love you guys, and Ill hear from you soon.


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