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Missed My Deadline

Sincere apologies my friends, my inadequate discipline was a bit costly on my reputation. I felt such shame to incapably produce a blog before the required deadline. Though this incident was detrimental to my mindset, I’ve adjusted, bend the rules and attenuated my blog to fittingly quench my desire for fulfillment. Of course, my sense of proactivity was in full effect today, for instance, this illustration of myself kicking ass, should suffice to represent the productiveness of todays efforts.

IMG_0575.JPG  This digitally caricature’s purpose was to transcend my conceptual skills as an concept artist, as well as to train my instinct to sketch body parts, since my methods are lacking in that respect. I feel a sense of accomplishment for producing a blog, even after the deadline. Better late than never, agree?

That’s all for tonight, again, my apologies, tomorrow is regular schedule, deadline is 3 o’clock. And yea, that concludes the blog. Love you guys, take care!!!


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