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Staying Consistent

A number of months has elapse, and still very little progress has been developed. Constantly remembering the approach to your dream goal, experiencing and reliving the moment via imagination. Than, comparing that moment with the present results, not much has developed, and feelings of despondence and despair breach the moment. Why is this the case, if you have painstakingly worked on your dream goal, work ethic is unparalleled in contrast to anyone. Ever consider thinking about the consistency of your work ethic? This lesson served me for 1 week, and I’m not looking back. I learned, consistency is the variable in a formula that grooms the development of anyone’s growth; yet, it’s the most difficult variable to admit to oneself’s when one is not applying it in their lives.

Consistency is crucial and determines your status in growth, as well as your well-being. Development cannot be measure immediately; rather, the gradual development is inconceivably diminutive. In fact, so incomprehensibly gradual, this is the top reason for the relinquishment of most endeavors. In contrast, consistency can be measured and is salubrious towards a developing company, such as yourself. Strategize and execute daily consistent goals, then calibrate a system and determine whether your daily intended acts need improvement. For instance, I will type a blog every day about my concerns and opinions about any interesting, deserving topic. I will begin at 10 o’clock and submit my blog at 3 o’clock. Utilizing urgency to create tension in any endeavor, project, or task will aid your efforts. At least, it’s what I heard. I personally don’t utilize urgency for psychological reasons, but this topic deserves it’s own blog. Lastly, judge whether you performed exceptionally or not. That’s a rudimental structure for development, of course, recalibrate this system and utilize the features in-conjunction with your vision, if you like. Trust me, performing this task is energy consuming. However, once you sow the seeds of labor and carefully cultivate them. There is no reason to clash personally with internal regrets or doubts. Though, this method filters thought provokers, one can overwhelm you and the consequences can be dire.

Admitting a lack of consistency is difficult since most times, you don’t know what you don’t know. As difficult as it may be, Many times, challengers attempt great efforts to pursue a career path that aligns with their interest. However, challengers will spends months or even years with minimal progress developed. The lack of understanding the “why” behind their endeavors, trails into a plain of disaster and confusion leaving most challengers abysmally exhausted, thus, relinquishing their drive. Most times, this “why” shape-shifts into lack of consistency.  However many times over, challengers cannot perceive the situation as a lack of consistency. I first began my endeavor to music composing, conception art, and vlogging 2 years ago. Two years have elapse, and a minuscule shred of development has resulted from my efforts. I barely progressed. I began experience despondence, and urgency. But from the confusion pool I was in, I could not comprehend why my labor bared such little fruit. I retrospected, and no opposing force could be diagnosed to determine my results. Frustrated, I relinquished my endeavors for one month, and began to partake in my route once more. Half way through the second month, the diagnosis had unveiled a formula with an absent component. Can you guess the missing component? DING DING DING. You guess it. Consistency was the missing component. It took me 2 months to realize this. A waste of time, yes, however, if I wouldn’t have learned this lesson, I would most likely continue playing games, and never realize my potential coexisting alongside doubt and regret.

Well, that pretty much settles this topic. Consistency is definitely important to determine and measure your daily goals, and progress. Realizing that consistency is missing from the formula, helps with picking up the pace. There are other components that I didn’t touch on. But Ill unveil and generalize these topics some other time.

I love you guys, take care!!!

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