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I Want to Discuss Conspiracies

I want to discuss conspiracy theories. I was watching a video today about conspiracies that manifested from the clandestine corridors of political, and intelligent organizations. Disclosing and describing the blueprints of the proven conspiracies paralyzes me, shifting my paradigm in the process, and completely nullifying my daily ignorance. I’m fully aware that there’s a devil within us all, however, to expose the intrinsic facade of repugnance that this abstract concept substantiates, creates a friction in the growth of social trust and mental prowess. Inconceivably, I’m typing still wanting to believe that the present is not harboring any half completed conspiracies. But to anticipate that there is a conspiracy in action, is definitely the mind state to settle on. I wonder though, which one will it be? There’s been an overabundant of school shootings and terrorist acts. Figuratively, the stakes are high and to wage a bet on any of these events that some intelligent organization, or a political party or figure is manipulating the strings of terror, is guaranteed a ROI. I place a wager against the odds simply because it has happen subsequently, and my trust has diminished due to the constant reiteration of past American illicit experiences. Here are some examples:

Watergate Scandal

This scandal even at face value is such a patriot of shameful idiocies. Revulsion develops and evolves into an ineffable concept that makes me implode from just the facade of this scandal. Essentially, the President of the United States made efforts to retrieve private documents about his democratic opponent to gain an advantage over the presidential run. Maybe I was overcritical, but to cheat to achieve a second term, well I would be a hypocrite if I said it’s not right.

Operation Northwood

Operation Northwood would have been the catalyst for the war between Cuba and United States. Many thanks to the force that halted this recipe of calamity. Essentially, our friends over at the CIA would have participated in acts of terrorism against their own civilians, exacerbating the tension between Cuba and United States. Fortunately, John F. Kennedy rejected the operation, crumbling the obsolete foundation of this operation

These are just some examples of disclosed conspiracies that took place. However, the main point is, trust and mental prowess are diminished when deception plays a role to subject the masses into transcending the agenda of a conspiracy. I’m not a politician, I don’t understand why These events take place in such a manner, however, I remain neutral since I don’t know what it’s like to lead a mass. So until I serve as president, or have my own mass to lead, Ill suggest a solution. Thanks for reading. If you made it this far, Congrats, your the bestest most coolest person ever.


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