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Today, my plans for proactivity were hindered due to my indiscipline. Infuriatingly, I arrived at my destination looking for a seat, since my choice of seat was no longer available. Upsetting as the situation was, I reflected back on all the times I was late and astonishingly, tardies are common throughout my chronology. In fact, if we sum up every tardy, the result is 2 weeks of hours. One week equals 168 hours. For engagement purposes, double 168 and that will be the amount of time I have lost. Of course I’m using hyperbole, but the main concept is that I was, and am, constantly late. Here’s an example: I was taking a drama class in college and everyone’s grade was an A, since that’s how all semesters begin. So obviously for the moment, I was a driven student with perpetual motives for greater endeavors. Any of you guys ever felt like that? It’s the beginning of the semester, it’s a fresh start. A chance to prove yourself in academics. Being a terrible student, I was that guy. At the beginning of every semester, I was that straight A student. But only for the first month. Then over time, my grades become the average A B C. One day, I came late and it was only 1 minute late, JUST 1 MINUTE LATE! Then 1 minute late became 2 minutes late, then 4, then I realized I had lost my punctuality and struggled to even balance my time, constantly struggling to even make it to the 5 minute tardy mark. It had gotten really bad, to the point where I was arriving atan unbearable 8 minutes late. Three quarters of the semester in, my professor notifies me that I have 8 tardies and that if I continue this, world record breaking pattern, I will be dropped from the class and take an automatic F. I had this class 2 days of the week, 8 tardies equals four weeks, four weeks of progressive tardiness. Let’s estimate and add these numbers.

Day 1 = 1 minute

Day 2 = 2 minutes

Day 3 = 4 minutes

Day 4 = 4 minutes

Day 5 = 6 minutes

Day 6 = 8 minutes

Day 7 = 8 minutes

Day 8 = 8 minutes

= 41 minutes in total.

There was even a day where I came in 15 minutes late, and even transcended 8 days of tardies, but for the sake of simplicity, Ill estimate 8 days with 8 minutes.

The point is, as innocuous as 1 minute may seem. This 1 minute was insidious to my mental prowess as it significantly diminished my proactive mindset. The life handle teetered out of control, and I was barely able to balanced my time and methods. My time, my proactive rhythm, were profoundly affected and it shouldn’t be a shock that all my grades degraded in some way. Some were affected greatly for lack of performance and others, not so much. Punctuality can either curve your drive, or propel you towards achievement, and in my case, it curved my trajection. That semester alone I had accumulated about 20 tardies, that’s including other classes as well. Thats a estimated guess, the number can very well be beyond 20. Nevertheless, this has been an uninspiring recurring theme throughout my career as a student. This malpractice follows me in every endeavor I challenge. It’s like a Pikachu that follows Ash, but Ash doesn’t want it to. And this scumbag Pikachu constantly uses Thundershock to stop Ash from pursuing his dreams of being a Pokemon master. Strange simile and analogy, wouldn’t you agree?  Now, I finally want to abolish this practice, as this has served to derail my train of thought, plundered me into stress, even dispense the fuel of my drive. I have thought of some solutions. Also, if you have any methods as to outwitting punctuality, share it in the comments below. Address the title of the blog as well so I know the topic you’re referring to. During this time, I’ve only thought of 4 ways to be punctual.

1. Actually Plan Your Day

Usually, when I make a daily plan, I tend to follow it. I invite you to try this out yourself. Every time the path is clear, it’s easy for me take on my objectives, and focus on the end results.

2. Say the word focus

Ever read that book “Your One Word” by Evan Carmichael?, Me either, however, he has highly suggested to pick a word that truly resonates and aligns with your endeavors. For instance, Steve Job’s word is innovate, doesn’t take a blogger with a incommodious  sarcastic sense of humor like me to see that Jobs was a great innovator of our time. I say the word “Focus”, every time I’m not focusing on my task. It works for me, try it out for yourself, and let me know in the comment section below about your experience or about your word.

3. Instinctual Focus

Instinctual Focus is what I call it. I have not mastered this one myself. But somehow taking initiative to instinctually be on time, is definitely worth bargaining for. This instinct can be achieved through various means, most commonly through constant reapplication. However, other more complicated perplexing methods can achieve this enigmatic focus. This is absolutely different from urgency, which is a source that your focus and motive uses to act on dead lines and scarce time. Instinctual Focus deserves it’s own blog, because of the complexity and enigmatic nature of this concept, so expect that blog soon.

4. Urgency

Finally, we don’t know how much time we have, but finding a reason, usually a scarce reason, as to being on time can definitely aid in your discipline. For instance, having my favorite seat taken is a perfect scarce reason as to being on time. Though maintaining a balance is an absolute for the fact that urgency aids the growth of your amygdala, which is responsible for regulating fear. Just that statement alone is enough to scare me. I can feel my amygdala growing. Haha.


And that’s it for now. If you guys enjoyed reading this blog, leave a comment below and let me know, what I could do to be a better blogger. Share your experience, I would love to know. Thanks for joining me on this breakdown. I love you guys, and take care for the day. See you tomorrow.


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