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Blogging Every Day

Blogging everyday has been a thought that echoes through every canal in my mind. Nights are difficult to sleep since this voice, in my mind, constantly yells out “blog everyday”. Blogging is an endeavor that I have wanted to pursue. However, procrastination is quite charming and very persuasive. I’m reluctant to accept that sometimes, procrastination has trespass through restricted territory. As you can see, I haven’t blogged everyday, so procrastination lingers thought the depths of my mind. But this has gone on long enough, and I have realized that Procrastination is beginning to settle in my daily practices. While everything I was doing was slowing down, time was speeding up. I don’t want to propel my life using autopilot, since this instinctual feature allows for only limited progress; I decided that Procrastination will no longer reside within my daily practices, and will be given permission to compel me only when achievement has been obtained, and our principles align. I’ve stated my thoughts virtually, and publish the work. I can now procrastinate to my hearts content. Just kidding, no theres so much more work to be completed.

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