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Saying No

Finally, I said “NO” to a friend. This “No” meant more than any other “no.” I felt like I had true control over my decisions. Believe me when I say this. Saying no definitely affects your mood, and will help you with self-esteem. I truly felt for the first time, I completely managed the sail of my own ship, and was able to arrive at the set destination, no problem. So to anyone, who can’t say “no.” Outwit your excuse to hinder your true feelings, and say “No.” You will experience a huge boost in confidence, and your brain will create more dopamine, which is the rewarding chemical, as I like to call it. That’s all for tonight, I just wanted to share this small experience, Say No Peeps. Ill do a video on this subject sometime in the future. Look forward to it. Goodnight My friends.


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