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Hardest Part of Getting Started is Getting Started

Well isn’t this the convenience of a great plot? Getting started is arguably the most difficult in any endeavor. Though simultaneously, the entire journey after the threshold is arduous anyways. This should not come to a surprise, since nowadays, markets, internets, etc, are oversaturated with success systems, premonitions, philosophical quotes. However, allow me to shine some light on the main topic.


Learning the BasicsIMG_0417.JPG

For any endeavor, there’s always a threshold; and this threshold consist of learning the basics. For Instance, lets use the English language. First the Alphabets are learned. After, basic words like cat, bat, etc. then iteration, then compounding words, then sentences, etc. However most times the basics, which are alphabets and simple three letter words, are tedious and very time consuming to learn. I totally understand that we desire to speak fluently, or be accomplished in our desired field NOW; which is why most challengers, as I like to call anyone taking initiative, fails repeatedly to learn, because of the lack of measurable progress. It’s time consuming and results are far in the distance. It’s a simple recipe for failure, though, this first step of learning the rudiments, paves the smooth solid blacky road if completed. Of course this road is constantly under construction and paying attention to the details is vital to establishling a robust foundation.

Pay Attention

IMG_0418.JPGIf you have managed to render yourself to learning the basics. First off, Congrats; second, it’s absolutely crucial to pay attention to details, in any decent tutorial. Let’s retrospect and discuss the English language analogy again. Discerning Knew from new, undoubtedly, the pronunciations are similar. However, the meanings are different. Another Example, Starting this blog, was utterly confusing. Reflecting back, my wild imagination did have an influence on my attention span. What I would do differently, I would breakdown, the hour long tutorial in 5 minute intervals, since around 5 minutes I began to lose focus; rewatch it, and on the 3rd view, I would follow along with the process. Track your conduct and figure out methods to attenuate distraction. PEOPLE!!!! DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, WATCH A TUTORIAL IN IT’S ENTIRETY, SKIP AND SING OVER TO YOUR WORK STATION, AND ATTEMPT THE PROCESS ON YOUR OWN!!!. MOST LIKELY YOU MISSED CRUCIAL DETAILS!! I spent $300 dollars on useless components, because of this feeble attempt, and was only refunded $172 back! DO NOT DO IT!! PAY ATTENTION TO THE DETAILS AND FOLLOW ALONG!! I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!!! If you do end up in this predicament, you better pray to GOD, that you can still get your money back.

That’s It

No really, learning the basics and paying attention to the tedious nuances is practically it. The disparity between you vs. a person who hasn’t read this. Time saving, less stress, and a knack for growth. Simple as that.

Good Luck on your Endeavors. Stay Focus. Adios



P.S Feedback is highly suggested


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